Opinion: Ten Ways to Have Fun During a Pandemic


Art by Haelly Patel

1. Paint or Draw

2. Just dance

3. Play hide and seek

4. Try new foods — or try making new foods

5. Draw your imagination, what you are thinking or something you wish for

6. Do a prank

7. Make mini book

8. FaceTime people you miss

9. Make a cardboard fort

10. Set up a treasure hunt

During Covid, I have done some of these things. I have FaceTimed with my cousins, painted and tried baking new things. I enjoy it when me and my cousins play games online and use different filters. We paint together and then hang the art up afterwards. We also had a lot of fun baking a cake and eating it right after.

The reason I wrote this list is because some people end up getting bored because they can’t go out that much because of the pandemic. Doing these things can make you happy. It helps you stay active during this pandemic instead of just doing nothing.