Not many people know about the beautiful history in the roads of New Haven. So many are here in our city! Some people know Hillhouse Avenue because Charles Dickens and Mark Twain both said it was “the most beautiful street in America.” However, I think Grove Street is even prettier — and more important. The spot where Grove intersects with Prospect is the place I believe is most full of New Haven culture. On one side there is Beinecke Plaza and Grove Street Cemetery. On the other is Silliman College and the Yale University Dean’s office. Some of the most influential people in the world are buried in the Grove Street Cemetery, including Eli Whitney, who made the cotton gin, and Noah Webster, who published the Webster Dictionary and spelling book. Nearby, the Beinecke Library holds extremely important and old books and documents written by some of the influential people buried in Grove Street Cemetery! Grove Street really is very important — and beautiful.