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The East Rock Record, based at the East Rock Community & Cultural Studies Magnet School since 2013, is driven by the belief that students are powerful observers and reporters of happenings in their own community. The newspaper is supported by Yale’s Office of New Haven and State Affairs. Student journalists in grades 3-8 work with Yale student mentors — many of whom are journalists themselves — to plan, report and write each issue. ERR reporters cover the most pressing and interesting issues of the day, bringing curiosity and fresh questions to coverage of stories from elections to social media culture and school life. 

In ordinary times, the newspaper is published twice a year, with 3,000 copies distributed throughout the New Haven community and to state legislators. The advent of this global coronavirus pandemic has led us to publish online. ERR reporting teams had fortunately completed drafts of their news stories just before schools were closed. Students and mentors, working from home, have contributed additional reporting, writing, drawings and photos to document this experience. 

We hope this issue both informs and brings some joy to our readers.  

Be well. And be safe. We do not publish letters to the editor, but are always happy to receive feedback. You can email us at [email protected]. Follow us on Instagram @eastrockrecord. 

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