Opinion: Take Time to Experiment with Art


Art by Haelly Patel

More people should experiment with art and have fun with it. Art has been a very good thing during Covid — especially when everybody was stuck at home. My own style of art changed during the pandemic. At the beginning of and before Covid I was drawing cute animals mostly. Then, I started making more realistic animals. I still draw different animals, but now I also make more art based on nature. Mostly trees. For my birthday, I got to go to an artist’s studio, and made art with her. It was so cool! We used feathers, sticks, leaves, rocks, and more to paint. It started as abstract art but then it started looking like different things in nature. This creative style of painting is super fun. I have made more sketches and paintings of nature at home after going to the studio. Whether it’s painting or playing a musical instrument or dancing, experimenting with art can be really fun. Even if you don’t have any experience with art, you should try it too!