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Photo by Charlie Pellegrino
Covid Sent Us Outdoors — Many Want to Stay
Keylin Montoya, Charlie Pellegrino, and Aarav Lemar
Are Kids OK? Covid Affected Wellbeing
Are Kids OK? Covid Affected Wellbeing
Eleanor Matz, Elias Plascencia, and Haven Pickett
Summer is Coming! Will it Feel “Normal”?
Summer is Coming! Will it Feel “Normal”?
Charlotte Martinez and Tusker Pickett
Mayor Justin Elicker in a Zoom press conference with East Rock Record reporters
How to Exit a Pandemic? Mayor Elicker: "Normal" Will Take Time
Nayala Conroe and Sahil Lemar

Everyone is itching for “normal.”  And, yes, it IS coming. The East Rock Record Spring 2022 Survey found that 67 percent of students believe life is about to return to normal. But what does “normal” look like now? After two long years of the pandemic, we are now free to do things that we could not do a year ago. The...

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Opinion: More Mask Breaks Needed
Opinion: More Mask Breaks Needed
Keylin Montoya

Due to the fact that we wear masks all day, non-stop, I believe that we deserve more mask breaks as well as more time to socialize and breathe in fresh air. We need a time of calm and relaxation and a time to recharge. It would be nice if we could spend some time outside seeing friends and taking in the fresh air.

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Photo by Nayala Conroe
Opinion: Covid Stressed Nature
Haelly Patel

Covid-19 has affected a lot of things. For example, nature. I have noticed that plants have been suffering. They seem to be blooming more later in the spring. It has also affected natural resources. For example, states that “people who have lost their jobs and live in cities are returning to their rural homes,...

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Art by Haelly Patel
Opinion: Take Time to Experiment with Art
Nayala Conroe April 23, 2022

More people should experiment with art and have fun with it. Art has been a very good thing during Covid — especially when everybody was stuck...

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