Need a Lift? East Rock Students Create Positive Vibes

We could all use a little hope and inspiration right now. At East Rock Community & Cultural Studies Magnet School, art teacher Melissa Frobel assigned students to create art that relayed positive messages. We’re including some of those assignments here.

It’s not easy to teach art when students are away from supplies and one another. But Ms. Frobel is determined to use this time to help students expand their creative skills.

This is how she explained it:

Things are always evolving in the East Rock Art Room. Distance learning has given us some challenges, but it has also given us wonderful opportunities. Artists have been more focused on their feelings and expressing them through their art. I try to create a space for my artists to explore their creativity, challenge and express themselves.

I was excited to share the opportunity for artists to reach out to others through art with messages of support from the heart.  As always, my artists work motivates me to be better and reminds me why I love what I do. I would like to thank everyone at the East Rock Record for this opportunity. Melissa Frobel

Aaliyah Maddox, Grade 5
Angelina Estrella, Grade 5





Anthony Gonzalez, Grade 6
Essence Miller Baines, Grade 6
Taniya Cherry, Grade 8
Key’eriah Williams, Grade 6
Sarahi Hermida, Grade 8
Anshul Patel, Grade 8
Meliann Seda Martinez, Grade 7
Ryan Bellamy, Grade 7
Nathan Assoumou Nguema, Grade 7
Benklin Hiraldo, Grade 7
Christian Jenkins, Grade 7
Lana Al Mallak, Grade 8
Anthony Galvan, Grade 7
Tasneem Musa, Grade 7
Gionna Smith, Grade 7
Victor Rodriguez, Grade 7
Ivana Esteban Zamora, Grade 6
Keylin Montoya Soto, Grade 6