Opinion: Cats Better than Dogs!


Cats are better because first they do not shed as much as dogs. You also don’t have to take them out on walks all the time or take them outside to poop or pee because they can just go in their litter box. So, overall, it’s just easier to have a cat. You can even have more than one cat and you still won’t have to do that much. But for a dog it will be even harder, you will be even more tired and you will be hassled every day with the same thing. 

You might think cats are mean because of all the funny videos of them biting and scratching things but trust me: cats will only bite and scratch things because they think you’re either playing with them or you won’t let them sleep and leave them alone. Cats are kind of alone creatures. But sometimes they want all the attention that you can give them. And you should because they are too cute for you not to give them attention.