Opinion: The War in Ukraine Hurts Russians too

The Russian-Ukrainian war has not only affected Ukrainians but also the people of Russia. In Russia, people that have only wanted to live a normal life must live every day with family members dying, and fathers and brothers who are fighting in the war against Ukraine. Ukrainian people are going through similar things, if not worse, because they are being invaded by Russia and Vladimir Putin. But the Russian people are not all bad. A lot of people in Russia do not support or want the war and do not want anything to do with the war. They just want to live their life peacefully and they don’t want to do anything bad to the country of Ukraine. The people of East Rock Community & Cultural Studies Magnet School care. A survey showed that 91.8 percent of the students were proud that New Haven is taking in refugees from across the globe. Also, a Russian poll showed that 75 percent of Russians support the war. That means that 25 percent are not supporting the war. The main reason why the people are supporting the war is because the government has told them to. This means that the government is at war, not the people! The problem with the issue is that the public is only following the Ukraine side and not the whole war which is a BIG PROBLEM!