Opinion: The Big Problem with the Return to School? Busses!


Throughout Covid, we’ve had to use online schooling, but recently more students are doing in-person classes. The classes are like they used to be, except for social distancing, hand sanitizing and many more rules. The biggest flaw in this in-person schooling is the buses. A student is supposed to arrive at their bus stop at around 6:15 a.m. There is a 20- minute grace period for the student to get there and wait for the bus. The buses usually take from 20-50 minutes to arrive.

The biggest flaw in this in-person schooling is the buses.

“It usually takes about 45 minutes for my daughter’s bus to arrive,” New Haven Mayor Justin Elicker told East Rock Record reporters. As you can see, the busing schedule is very frustrating for many people. Another issue is the distance of the bus stop from a student’s home. With stops very far away, it makes students tired and it can avert attention from their lessons and schoolwork. Most students have an elongated morning schedule which causes them to have to wake up earlier. When they wake up earlier, they are already tired. Then, while at school they are tired and have trouble paying attention. Like I said.