The Corona Checklist


Today in 2020, the coronavirus is dangerous. This is a big issue everywhere in the world, in all states and countries. This issue has gone very far and is uncontrollableIt started small, then went to big, then bigger. And now it is the biggest problem in world. 

When it first started it was a small case like the flu. Some people just were chilling when this was happening. Then it got worse and people acted and ran to stores. But some stores were empty and there were no items so they went to others stores and they were taking the last bit they had for the people to buy. The items really bought and that sold out were:  

1) sanitizer, masks and gloves  

2) Clorox wipes or Lysol wipes  

3) Lysol spray or disinfectant spray 

4) Air fresheners 

5) Clorox and Lysol spray bathroom cleaners  

5) Soap 

6) Softsoap 

7) Food 

And more way moreSo What could you do to keep yourself safe and to stay positive 

1) Buy food and put it in a place where no one can touch it and save it to eat later. 

2) Have cleaning tools, sanitizer, masks and gloves to keep from being infected by coronavirus. 

3) Do exercises in the house, do crafts to keep you distracted from what’s happening out there. 

4) Watch news to know what’s happening in life. 

5) Spend time with your family. 

6) Make sure your kids are doing their homework if you have kids. 

These are good things you should do. Don’t waste time going to the stores.