Principal’s Message


As our staff reporters navigate classwork, projects, interviews and deadlines as well as their own health and the health and safety of their loved ones, I become more impressed with their stick-to-itiveness and the commitment of their fearless program leaders. The East Rock Record Staff continues its commitment to sharing interesting and exciting stories with readers.  Please enjoy all of the wonderful pieces that our hardworking reporters have written for the very first online publication of the East Rock Record.  Groundbreaking!

I would like to publicly thank Laura Pappano, Dr. Sarah Wessler, Kathryn Post and their teams for ensuring that our students may continue to share their talents using this new platform.  Their pertinacity is simply remarkable.  Many thanks to you both for being the wonderful souls that our community has grown to love, respect and admire.  This issue would not have happened without you and the rest of your coworkers.  I am truly grateful for all of your efforts.

To the East Rock Community, I ask that you all hang in there.  I know we all deeply miss the smiles, laughter, love and collaboration that happen at school on a daily basis.  While we wait at home for things to improve, I challenge you to stay rooted in optimism and use this time to become the very best version of yourselves. Explore the things that bring you joy and spread kindness. Connect with family, start a project, read a little more, laugh a whole lot more and love one another with all of your heart.

While we wait at home for things to improve, I challenge you to stay rooted in optimism and use this time to become the very best version of yourselves.

If times are tougher than usual, please reach out for support.  2-1-1 is available to help you find the resources you may need related to food, mental health, health care, housing, substance use, youth, transportation, utility assistance, income, crisis, legal assistance and basic needs.  Clifford Beers is also open for business and accepting new clients.

Remember to focus your energy on being positive, healthy and safe by following recommended guidelines. Stay home, wash your hands often, try not to touch your face and practice social distancing if you need to venture out.  Please know that our students and families are very important to all of us at East Rock Community and Cultural Studies Magnet School and we are constantly thinking of ways to engage our learners.

Again, I encourage you to really enjoy this time with your families, have fun reading all of the great articles and know that I cannot wait to see everyone again.

With warm regards,

Mrs. Breland