The Journey


In January, East Rock Record reporters studied the work of photojournalists documenting people in the midst of a journey. They considered the fact that there are many roads, many paths — and many types of journeys. Some are chosen, some are thrust upon us by necessity. Most demand that we make choices along the way. Some are physical challenges of travel over ground; others are about facing something in ourselves or in our lives. 

They were asked to consider: What is your journey? Where will you go? What will you do? Is your journey chosen? Or not? What choices do you face? What tools do you already possess to help you along your way? 

These are some responses. 

Travel Plans (Now Dreams)

By Mariana De La Cruz 

In July of 2020, I am going to Europe! In Europe, my family and I are going to France, Italy, Switzerland, and Spain. I think my favorite country will be Italy because of the hotel. It had the best bed in the world and I loved the pictures I saw. I am also excited for Italy because the food is going to be DELICIOUS! I am excited about the pasta. I am excited to be visiting new countries and maybe even to learn new traditions that their country does.  

To Here from Egypt

By Adham Dweck  

I was born in 2010 in Cairo, Egypt, the capital city. When I was one year old, I moved to Germany. Then when I was five years old, I moved to the United States. It was so, so sad I had to leave because I had so many friends. I miss my friends in Germany and the pyramids in Egypt. But I made new friends in the U.S. by playing VIDEO GAMES!!!!!!!! My brother and I love playing in our free time, even when we miss home.  

I was born in 2010 in Cairo, Egypt, the capital city. When I was one year old, I moved to Germany.

The Long Car Ride To Florida

By Meghan Serrano  

The first time that I went to Florida, I was surprised to go because didn’t know what Florida was. We — meaning me, my sister, my uncle and cousin — were in the car about to go. The first thing I thought was that the car would break down. But it didn’tWe went to Dunkin Donuts to use the bathroom and get food so we wouldn’t die of hunger. Then after a while it turned nighttime. It was boring in the car and it was hot in the car. The next day we arrived in Florida. We tried to find the hotel. It was raining and I got my shoes wet. We found the hotel which was good, but I was mad because my feet were wet. After I took a shower, I went to get my hair done and I got to pick out a princess dress. 

Quick Trip To Pennsylvania and Back

By Morghan Prescod  

One day I was laying in my bed. Then, I got a sudden call from my Aunt. We were going to Pennsylvania. I said, “OK,” then hung up. My mom helped me pack my things while my sister packed her stuff. When my Aunt arrived, I saw her friend and my little cousin. We got into the car and drove 200 miles away. When we arrived, it was late at night. I went inside and was terrified because she had two dogs. One tall, one short. But they were cute. Then I took off my shoes and tried to get around the dogs but the tall one would not let me around. So I let her lick my hand. I went upstairs. After all the fun, it was time to go back to Connecticut. We hopped in the car and drove off. I was sad but when we reached home. It was 3:20 a.m. I unlocked the door and went inside, changed into my PJ’s and laid down. It was school tomorrow. I fell asleep in class. 

We got into the car and drove 200 miles away. When we arrived, it was late at night.

Arriving From Florida, Finding Friends

By Jaylani Sanchez 

My journey from Florida to Connecticut was fun, but at the same time I was scared because when I would go to school, I wouldn’t know anybody. On the first day, I sat in the corner. I thought I would always be alone and have nobody to play with. The third day of school,I sat in the corner again. Then a girl named Jarelis asked me if I wanted to play with her and I said, “sure,” so we played and played. And then more people wanted to be my friend. So, we all started to play together and have lunch together. I got to make friends on the third day of school.  

The Worst Day of my Life

By Ina Smith 

My journey started in the clear blue waters of the Caribbean when I was a careless little girl. It was the worst day of my life! The words came out of her mouth moving in slow-motion. I felt like my life was going to end and I felt a hard lump in my throat. I tried not to cry but I just couldn’t hold it in. My tears dripped down my face. 


A Journey Within a Journey

By Ryan Martinez 

Once, I was going skiing at Mount Okimo, but it was a long car drive there. It took about three hours and during those three hours I went on a very boring but cool adventure or journey. On the way there I had a lot of fun. First, I was just cooling off. But after dinner at a Mexican restaurant, it got super fun for me. At first. Hmm… I was looking around and saw a lot of interesting stuff, like a yellow car. After that I started reading. I got into a very exciting part of my book. It was when Conner and Alex had to go and steal an item for The Wishing Spell, a spell that will do anything you wish no matter how big or small. 

Two minutes later my dad said, “you can play on your 2DS.” I said, “OK.” So I was playing Mario Cart 7 and I was so close to losing a race but suddenly a blue shell (a shell that will hit the player in first place) came out of nowhere and smashed the player in front of me out of my way and I got in front of him! Then my dad said, “we are nearly there, I think you should get off the 2DS.” “OK,” I said.  And that is when my journey ends.  

The Baseball Season

By Tusker Pickett 

Journeys can have a surprise ending and they aren’t always fun.

Once I played baseball on an undefeated team called the PanzasWe practiced every Wednesday for a whole year. We made it to the semifinals. We won 5-2. One of our players hit two doubles and a triple.  I hit three of the six balls that were pitched to me. But then when we were in the finals, we played lazily. The other team won 6-1. We were sad because we were used to winning! But our coaches cheered us up by saying we were the best team they had ever had because we were undefeated until the finals. Journeys can have a surprise ending and they aren’t always fun.

Your Journey Is Your Own

By Isabel Faustino

“It’s not about the destination, it’s about the journey.” These were the words of Ralph Waldo Emerson. If we keep thinking about what we want, we can’t see the present, what is happening right in front of us. The journey. Looking at the destination can help you throughout the way, but we have to keep our heads in the now. We have to look up from our video games, from our books, from our computers, so that we can see what is happening. Who knows what time it will be when you look up?  

Your journey can be different from your best friend’s. It is unique to you. I think that journeys are something to treasure, something that can mean even more than the destination. You can meet so many people, some who will stay with you forever and some who won’t. But if and when someone tries to bring you down, you will know to get back up. That makes you stronger. 

From Iceland to New Haven

By Oli Jakobsson 

It is hard to come to someplace new. In August, I came to America from Iceland. My first day of school was strange because I didn’t know anybody. I met Tusker the day before and we asked Mr. Lewis what classroom we were in. Then we figured out we were in the same class. I felt happy to know somebody. It’s really hard because you don’t know anybody in this new country, and you can’t play with your old friends. But don’t worry because it isn’t that bad. 

In August, I came to America from Iceland.

The Florida Surprise

By Keylin Montoya 

In Florida when we were going to get ready to go tmy moms friends house, we stayed longer than usual. They said, “Please get next to the tree” (it was the Christmas tree). Then they said, “Open the envelope.” We opened it. It said, “My beautiful kids you have been so good in school, so if you want to know what’s happening, find envelope number two.” We looked and found it. It was next to the TV. We opened it. It said blah, blah, blah…Then on the bottom is had a picture of a Princess. Then one of my cousins said, “Are you pregnant?” Everyone laughed.   

Dreams of an Amusement Park

By Ayleen Rodriguez 

There was once a woman who worked at an amusement park in Santo Domingo. She promised me that she would finally spend some time with me because she is my aunt. And she promised that I can get free tickets!!!  I could only invite two friends. My mom would still be at work. That amusement park has everything you can imagine.