Opinion: Bike for Polar Bears


Imagine a polar bear standing on a piece of ice floating in the middle of the water. How does it make you feel? It makes me feel bad because it’s lonely and it’s trapped. It got in this position because it was on a big ice cap and it started melting into pieces. But why? People don’t care for the earth. They are polluting the air by driving their cars too much. This causes global warming, so the ice caps melt. That’s an issue because polar bears need ice caps to hunt. But it’s not just a problem for the polar bear population. If polar bears die, then there would be too many seals and not enough food for all the seals. If that happens, there will be too many fish and not enough food for them, so they will die, too. Basically, the entire ecosystem will collapse. People like eating fish, but there won’t be any left. People don’t think that when they drive a lot it’s affecting animals, but they should. Next time you think about driving somewhere not so far away, think about the polar bears, and if you have a bike then take your bike.