Opinion: Ice Spice: It’s Complicated!

Have you seen Ice Spice’s recent blow up in her music? Before Isis Naija Gaston joined the music industry, she worked as a cashier at Wendy’s and Gap. Her new hit and collaboration with Pinkpantheress has everyone reciting the lyrics from her song. It’s amazing but it gets annoying when everyone sings it repeatedly. Even though her music is great, I am a soft Christian and don’t recommend Ice Spice because she called herself the devil in one of her music videos which is unacceptable to my community.  As a soft Christian and lover of music, I would recommend only listening to her songs that do not include cuss words or the word of the fallen angel. Although she is empowering for women because she shows off her body, she also drives them apart. In one of her music videos, she says that if she was another girl that she’d hate her lot,  that she has the type of energy that other women are jealous of.