Vaping Won’t Heal Your Stress (And It Could Make You Sick).

Why do young adults find it cool or helpful to vape? Vaping companies have been putting new flavors up on social media that cause young adults to get plugged into vaping.  This is a problem. You can get lung cancer, heart disease and other diseases that risk your life from using vaping products.  Young adults might be vaping to deal witgh stress. But vaping can cause more problems. They use toxic chemicals that are addictive and could make them sick later. There are sometimes ads telling people to quit and get help. 

The vape companies post in social media about more flavors to get people to waste money on toxic products. Young adults might vape because it seems like a way to heal stress. But there’s a lot of different things that you could do to handle stress. For example, you could take breaths when you’re feeling stressed or anxious about something going on around you. Another option is to talk to a trusted adult and explain why you’re feeling stressed or anxious about a situation. Vaping is NOT a solution for depression, anxiety or stress.