Opinion: Give Food To People In Need


Getting good food is very important. Some people can’t get good food, and I think that is terrible. There are places like Walmart or Amazon that might deliver you food and say it’s cheap, but when you go to other places, it’s much cheaper—maybe even $1. Organizations all over the world are helping people who need food. Some people take advantage of those, but other people don’t like to rely on organizations. Before I was homeschooled, we used to drive to Whitney Donut on Whitney Avenue and we would listen to Harry Potter while getting donuts. We passed this place where people gave out food in a stand. People would line up along the block to get a couple of apples and a box of mac and cheese. I think it’s great that healthy food is getting passed out to those in need. 

If you go to church, there are usually food boxes that you can put food in and the church gives it to homeless shelters. Some people are not able to go to homeless shelters because there are requirements. But passing out food to people is a great way to enjoy yourself and the people around you. I know you’re thinking, “Am I going to go to Walmart and buy 10 rows of crispy treats and hand them out to people?” But you would be making your city a better place. Some people would say, “I want the food.” Well, if you really want this food, you can have it, but if you have extra then give that. I’m not telling you to give all your food to people on the side of the road, but if you see someone and you have something extra in your car, then give it. My mom used to keep sandwiches and bars in the glove compartment of her car, and my dad did too, so that when they walk by homeless people, they always have food to give them. I thought that was great.