Opinion: People Not Following Covid Rules


A lot of stores and restaurants require masks. This is fair, though quite a few people don’t follow the rules and decide to risk their safety. Covid-19 is a real and a very dangerous disease that we should really worry about. Tons of people are dying from Covid-19. There’s no way to sugarcoat it. It’s no joke but people treat it like one. 

By not wearing a mask, you endanger the community and yourself. You could be the person who kills an entire city. People don’t want to wear masks, and I understand why. It can make it really hard to breathe and fog up your glasses. But it’s insanely important! By wearing a mask, you are not only protecting others, but you are protecting yourself. When people ask you to wear a mask, they’re not only asking for their safety, but yours, too. It shows we care. It shows we’re a community.