Opinion: Cats Can’t Be Beat


Even though there is a lot of discourse on whether cats or dogs are better, it’s hard to pick a side. But, I have to end that argument. Cats > dogs. From somebody with three cats, they’re easy to take care of and they’re also adorable. Not only are cats cute, but it’s been proven that petting a cat can be stress-relieving and can lower heartbeat (The Joys of Owning a Cat – helpguide.org, The Health benefits of Owning a Cat section)! 

But, depending on the cat breed, they can shed a lot, or shed a little. Cats that shed take a lot more responsibility, especially with having to clean their fur from your clothes in Summer. With cats like American Shorthairs, they are shorthaired but shed a LOT during Summer. In Winter, they have a long fur coat. On the other hand, cats like California Spangles will be short-haired but won’t shed as much. Not all cats shed, though. Some of them, like Sphynx cats, don’t have hair. This makes them not shed at all. Other than shedding, having your cats run around and jump on everything can be annoying, but if you play with your cat and tire her out, then she won’t be as active during night time. 

This also gets solved when your cat gets older. Older cats tend to be less active than younger cats. For example, Stevie is turning one this year and jumps around everywhere. However, Lenny and Tessy are turning nine this year and are much less active. They are active when Stevie is chasing them or when I’m playing with them, though. Other than that, cats are more manageable and can do things themselves. Cats don’t have to go outside or take walks when they need to use the litter box. Dogs do, though. This proves that dogs are more responsibility and you have to have the time to take care of a dog to have a dog. And that means that cats are easier to take care of. This shows that cats are better than dogs.