Opinion: More to Student Council Than You Think

When people think about student council, they think about students who think about things. But that’s not all that student council is. Student council is about more than just ideas. It organizes spirit week, where students get to come to school in creative attire. It has organized appreciation events for teachers in the past. 

Recently, the council organized a carnation sale for Valentine’s Day.  The purpose of this sale was to fund upcoming events. As a member of the student council, we know we want it to increase the amount of fun students are having. And that’s important. 

School Council matters. We represent the students, the most important part of any school. But there’s a problem: students don’t know how to interact with the student council. Sometimes, they don’t even know who is on the student council. 

What can be done? If you are in the student council and you are reading this please tell people who you are and what you do. It is your responsibility to find out what matters to your classmates. If you are not on the council, ask around and see if anyone in your grade is part of it. You can also voice your opinion. Tell me your suggestions. Student council is for everyone.