Opinion: Are People Having More Winter Blues in Covid?


Dress Your Way Out of Winter Blues

By Charlie Pellegrino 

People have the Winter Blues more because of Covid. The Winter Blues are mostly people not going outside and not going with their friends, but the most important thing is how to beat them. I have no research supporting this theory, but I’m quite convinced there is a link between feeling optimistic and sporting bright colors. It’s in line with the “faking it ’til you make it” attempts to trick your brain into thinking that it’s sunny and beautiful outside — time to celebrate spring! — even though there’s a blizzard with sleet causing major traffic jams. Personally, I tend to wear black every day in the winter. It’s supposed to make you look thinner. But the result is that I appear — and feel like — I’m going to a funeral every afternoon between the months of November and March. So, I make a conscious effort to wear bright green, purple, blue, and pink, and sometimes — if I’m in a rush — all of them together.


Full Lockdown Effects Unknown

By Keylin Montoya

I believe we have not even scratched the surface on how the pandemic and lockdown have affected kids (the winter has been rough for them, too) and how it has changed people and their emotions and way of being.