Examining Our Shifting Perspective


East Rock Record Reporters discussed with mentors how the pandemic has changed how they and others see things, what they care about and how they look at their own and the larger world. Here are their observations.

Masks In, Food-Sharing Out

By Tusker Pickett

Before COVID-19, everybody thought the Chinese were strange for wearing masks, but now we realize that this is not the case. Before Covid-19, we thought that you didn’t spread germs unless you were sick. Now, we know that close contact always brings the exchange of germ particles. People used to share food. They’ve also stopped bumping into each other.

Covid Changed How I Feel and Act

By Charlotte Martinez

Before Covid-19 I didn’t really care about germs or think about face coverings for protection from viruses. But now I feel like it’s something that is much more important. I’m usually fine being near people but with the Covid cases I’ve been hearing about, it makes me feel a bit more like I have to stay away from people.  

Remembering a Visit

By Alanis Montoya

When it was my mom’s wedding, I went to Pennsylvania. We went to a park and I went to try all of the rides but some of them, I couldn’t go on because I was too little.

Time to Start Caring for Mother Earth

By Jade Kinlock

One thing that we want to start doing is caring about the sea animals and remembering that it isn’t too late to care for or start recycling to help Mother Earth. Trash in the water and pollution that can hurt creatures is what happens when you don’t take time for the animals. So, remember every time that you drink out of a can or bottle, don’t just toss it into the trash. Say, “Maybe I should find a recycling bin.” 

Friendship During Covid

By Charlie Pellegrino

Fifty percent of my friends are not my friends anymore — and I think I’m in love. My friends currently are named Dariel and Brayden and they are they’ve been my friends for many years and it always worked out. But I used to have other friends and now I don’t, so I’m really sad about that.       

My first friend was in my class. His family was sick with Covid and he was worried so he made a lot of bad decisions. Now, we are not friends anymore because he had to sit out during recess and do his homework and stuff like that. For example, he did not treat the teacher how the teacher wanted to be treated so it just didn’t work out for him. He got in trouble a lot so it really didn’t work out for him. He was out a lot, but then when he came back to school, he made a ton of bad decisions. Also, my best friend Caden moved to a different school. 

Also, I think it was hard for a lot of friends in my school because we could not see each other for so long. And I am really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really sad about that but we actually got to meet up at my house several months ago.

Let’s think happy thoughts. My family and our neighbors do something called “happy hour” and if Covid did not happen, I would not have gotten to do that. Now, I know my neighbors a lot more so that is a good thing that Covid did to me.    


How Covid-19 Has Changed Our Lives

By Keylin Montoya

How has Covid changed our lives? By not being able to be all together, not being able to hug, not being able to go to visit family members and not being able to be with friends. Also, people don’t earn enough money because people don’t go to restaurants or aren’t earning much. For a long time, I couldn’t hug my cousin. Before we were very together and close but now we don’t talk much. Now, it is boring and there is no one to play with. Well, I can play with my sister but she is annoying (so no). 

Some people lost their jobs because of Covid-19 and then there is no money, then there are bills and rent that are not paid. You could be hungry then end up on the streets. Another thing is being home with nothing to do is hard, too, because we can’t enjoy what we do outside like buying our fave snacks, going shopping mall a

nd more! Also now that Covid-19 came, we can’t do much stuff. And now we can’t go to many restaurants like before because they are closed or there is a big line because of the distanced tables.

Vaccine Mandates for Students?

By Madison Poole

How deep do the vaccination mandates go? The White House and employers, schools, nursing homes, restaurants, hospitals, and cities in all 50 states have announced new vaccination requirements. As an 8th grader in middle school, I wonder how far the government will take these requirements. Will they restrict students from in-person education? Will they restrict activities that would persuade the students to take off their masks? In all, will unvaccinated students still get the school experience in the future? 

More Bike Riding!

By Aarav Lemar
During Covid, climate change has gotten worse, so I have been writing my bike more often and my family has, too!

Pandemic Bonding

By Haven Pickett

My perspective on my family has changed due to the pandemic.  We were all cooped up and spent a lot of time together.  We bonded and now are a better family. The pandemic has pros and cons. This is one of the pros.

Mask Comfort Depends on Temps

By Elias Plascencia

I think that wearing a mask is a little bit good and a little bit bad because if it was really hot and you’re wearing a mask it is terrible. But now when it’s getting colder, it is like your own face heater.

Masks, Covid a Barrier to Friend-Making

By Nora Matz

As a middle schooler during Covid, things have gotten harder for me to talk to others or make new friends. Some of the friends that I’ve had since before Covid help me create new friends through their friend groups, though. For example, I’ve been having an extra hard time opening up to some of my friends, even my closest ones. But when I’ve known them for more than a year, it’s easier for me to branch out and talk to friends of my current friends. Today, some of the kids in my reading group kind of became my friends. I also have known some people since before 4th grade. Because of, again, knowing some kids in my class or grade for multiple years, I can try to socialize with them. Even though everyone has different experiences through the pandemic, I feel like people have had more of a hard time talking to others with their mask on and through virtual environments.

The Pandemic Is Changing Us

By Sahill Lemar                                                      

Our perspectives have changed during COVID-19 in many different ways. Maybe it is how you feel when you see a crowd or maybe it is not recognizing people with their mask on or maybe it is seeing your friend for the first time in a year and a half. Maybe we don’t want to share our stuff much now with Covid or we don’t want to hang out with someone we know because of Covid. What used to be normal stuff is now questioned all the time, and all that comes into play with your perspective. Now, we see things differently. Germs are not as overlooked. Now, just hanging out with people might be dangerous. Your perspective is not just seeing. It is thinking as well. Your perspective leads you to think about things differently. When you see or hear things it makes you make choices. That’s why it’s so important what people believe and see. 

Covid Has Increased Awareness

By Nayala Conroe

My perspective has changed a lot because before Covid I wasn’t as interested in and didn’t know about climate change and other stuff going on in the world. Now, I am interested and I do know about some things going on in the world. I also wash my hands a lot more now.