Opinion: Don’t Try to be Perfect


Photo by Haelly Patel

Knowing your worth is something that can be difficult, especially in middle school. Trust me, I know. Society makes us think that we have to be perfect in order to be up to their standards. Perfect grades, perfect clothes, perfect figure, perfect character, perfect everything. That we have to be unique to get noticed, but not too unique or else we’re weird. That we always have to be “on.” If you take a break, it’s as if you’re giving up or being lazy. Honestly, it’s impossible.

Have you ever thought of that? If I have learned anything, it’s that “Confidence has no competition.” I believe that what someone wears is not what makes someone “beautiful.” But, it’s the confidence that it gives to the person.

Don’t let ANYONE tell you who you can or can’t be.

I’m here to tell you, that being “perfect” is not possible. But, the closest you can get to “perfect” is being yourself. We were put into this world to change it for the better.

Don’t let ANYONE tell you who you can or can’t be. I am Isabel Faustino, and if I make a mistake that simply shows that I tried. It shows that I put myself out there to learn something new. I am not going to succeed on the first try, but I will be okay. I’m going to get up and try again — and again — until I can say that I’m proud. You should as well.