The East Rock Record

Thank You!

We never imagined that we would be emergently creating a news site and — for now — not printing the issue you are now reading. We do not know what the future holds. Many of those who have supported us over the years are for now shut down. Others, like Yale New Haven Health, are busier than ever. 

We are grateful to all who have contributed to our existence, particularly Yale’s Office of New Haven and State Affairs, which has made this site possible. Special thank you to Claudia Merson and Sarah Wessler. Huge credit to Kathryn Post, who built this amazing site in short order! Angie Hurlbut at AH Design has been a key volunteer for years.

We are grateful to our longtime supporters and collaborators, including Webster Bank, The Study Hotel, The Shops At Yale, The Yale Center for British Art, The Diaper Bank and Yury Maciel-Andrews, Yale New Haven Health, leaders at East Rock Community & Cultural Magnet School (Principal Sabrina Breland, Asst. Principal Leslie DePriest, Joseph Lewis, Linda Piña-Morris, Paula Daitzman, Norine Polio and Garrett Griffin). 

Stay safe and we hope this issue brings joy and information!

The Student News Site of East Rock Community & Cultural Studies Magnet School
Thank You!