The East Rock Record

2019-2020 Spring Team

Sean-Michael Pigéon

I'm Sean-Michael Pigéon, (people call me Sean), an undergraduate mentor with the East Rock Record and a senior at Yale University. I love helping the ERR kids learn to write and to see their confidence grow throughout the semester. Their energy is infectious!

Emiliano Gómez

My name is Emiliano Tahui Gómez and I am a rising junior Yale student and proud East Rock Record mentor. I am delighted to work with East Rock Record reporters because they are hard working, insightful, and bright.

Bryanna Moore

I'm Bryanna Moore, a senior Political Science major and an East Rock Record mentor. I enjoy engaging the students (and myself!) with the exciting topics we're always coming across. It's always a pleasure to explore different issues and learn something new.

James Maciel

I'm James Maciel, a journalist and high school junior at Engineering and Science University Magnet School. I’ve been with The East Rock Record since 2014, first as a student journalist and now as a junior mentor. I enjoy sharing my journalism skills with younger reporters!

Mackenzie Hawkins

I'm Mackenzie Hawkins, a rising junior and ERR mentor. I love watching students realize their voices and words matter — they always ask pointed, intelligent questions, and it's a pleasure helping them put their thoughts and experiences into a final product.

Emily Stark

I'm Emily Stark, a recent graduate of Yale University and research associate at the Yale Women Faculty Forum. I enjoy sharing my love of writing with the students at East Rock whose creativity and critical thinking skills inspire me each week.

Donya Fegan

I'm Donya Fegan, a Yale graduate with a degree in English and a certificate in Education Studies. It's been delightful to work with and learn from the brilliant students at East Rock for the last three years, and I look forward to reading their work for years to come.

Carlos Carrillo-Gallegos

I'm Carlos Carrillo-Gallegos, a mentor at East Rock Record and a sophomore Astrophysics major at Yale. I love getting to help students explore their communities, and having the opportunity to see more of New Haven through East Rock.

Maya Weldon-Lagrimas

I’m Maya Weldon-Lagrimas, a first-year at Yale College and undergraduate mentor at East Rock Record. I love working at ERR because I get to hear, learn from and help validate the stories each student has to share.

Sarah Wessler

Hello! I work behind-the-scenes at East Rock Record to support Laura, Kathryn, and all of the Yale mentors. I am honored to be part of this team of incredible journalists!

Laura Pappano

I'm Laura Pappano, a journalist and author. I started The East Rock Record to bring kids and college mentors together to report and write about their community. They are absolute pros!

Rebecca Rutland Soulen

I’m Rebecca Rutland Soulen, a senior at Yale University. I have loved working with my team to cover stories on natural history and books. I love learning and have so enjoyed doing it with my fellow journalists!

Matt Kristoffersen

My name is Matt Kristoffersen and I’m a junior at Yale [and a twin!]. I love teaching journalism as a way to help East Rock students find their voice.

Zaporah Price

I’m Zaporah Price, rising sophomore at Yale and undergraduate mentor for East Rock Record. It’s beautiful to witness the intellect and awareness of students, and engage with them to refine their thoughts about the world through journalism.

Michelle Fang

I’m Michelle Fang, an upcoming junior studying ethics politics & economics. I enjoy mentoring and empowering students at East Rock to craft narratives and learn current events.

Kathryn Mae Post

I'm Kathryn Post, Graduate Program Associate for East Rock Record and grad student at Yale Divinity School. I love contributing to the behind-the-scenes work for East Rock Record as I also pursue a career in religion journalism.

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