Summer School is Fine, but Making Your Own Fun May Be Better


Photo by Haelly Patel

Hey Guys! Something I find fascinating to do in summer is summer school! But online! Because some people wanna do it to be prepared for the next school year and some don’t. Here is why. 

Some adults want kids to go do summer school. That is a good idea sometimes, like when they get a good grade but they wanna play it safe so they can be prepared when school starts. But it is not a good idea other times. Like, what if people don’t like it and they wanna do what they want in summer! And not do summer school. Even if they need the help, like if they failed their grades, it still might not be a good thing for someone.  

Instead of going to summer school, they could do fun thing like  

  • Get water balloons and throw them at family 
  • Do a garden  
  • You can do a picnic at your house with the things you grow at home 
  • Fly a kite 
  • Paint rocks you find  
  • Outdoor movie night  
  • Even stargaze  
  • Paint something you see outside that you like 

 There are many amazing things to do! 

People have been locked up in their houses for SO LONG they should be outside and be having fun again. There should not be kids saying they’re bored when they can go outside and do fun stuff!