Truth and Facts Opinions

Get Educated on What’s Real and What’s Fake News

By Isabel Faustino

Fake News. This is a topic that I think just shouldn’t exist. Fake news is when a “credible source” states untrue “facts” or “stories.” The press was created to inform the citizens and bring awareness to current events. Some people are not fully educated on what is and what is not a credible source. This can lead them to believe and tell others something that just simply is not true.

If a writer wants to tell how they feel on a certain topic, then they should state that it is a view and make sure this is clear to their audience.

Fake news is not only on a newspaper or a website. It can also just be telling your friends the new hot gossip. Maybe if you’re mad at someone, or if you’re just bored, you might spread a rumor about another person. From my point of view, that is just not okay.

With the situation we’re in now, we want to spread kindness, not gossip. Overall, fake news is a topic we should be educated on and be held accountable for.

No Trust Without Truth

By Nayala Conroe

Truth and facts matter because people need to know what is happening. Without true facts, people will not know if important things are going on. If we don’t tell the truth, some people won’t trust us. They won’t know necessary information.

Fake News Destroys Trust, Feeds Confusion

By Sahil Lemar

Fake news is bad because then people do not know what to trust. You also cannot really learn anything because you cannot trust the news if it is all fake news. This is why telling the truth in the news is good. Otherwise, we could not know if the school is closed or Covid is happening or about the election results. This is why having real, true news is so helpful because the news is where we learn a lot about what is going on in the world.

Fake News Is Dangerous

By Omar Dweck

News is important. It tells us things that are happening around the world. I think fake news is bad because if you post fake news then trust is lost between the reader and the news source that is posting it. Fake news makes people not like the news and not believe in it. People also become suspicious about all of the news — not just the fake news. Fake news is also disappointing because we deserve to know the truth. It is also dangerous because if you read something then you might think something inaccurate and it could destroy a person’s reputation or give you the wrong facts.

People Deserve Truth

By Haelly Patel

People deserve to know what is true and what is fake. It is important to know the truth about things and have information that is good. Telling lies on the news is not right because then people won’t know the actual truth. And spreading fake news makes people lose trust. News websites should not lie.

The Battle Between Truth and Lies

By Ayaan Riaz

I think that Truths and Lies should have some separation. A way to tell them apart. This is important because Truths tell you valuable things that are true and not fake. They lead you to the right path if you want to make an impact. On the other hand, Lies are bad. Some people think they are “O.K.” as long as people don’t really believed them. But people do believe them. The big problem we have is that if someone believes a lie, they will follow it and go against things that may be true. It will cause a big fight. The people that believe in the Lie will take wrong path. That path is basically leading the world into telling lies.

Truth and Lies are always in a fight. One tries to overcome the other. When Lies take over, Truth comes back even harder. It might sound like I am supporting telling the truth, which I am. Telling the truth is like learning more. When you lie, you are not learning because no one knows what is going on. It is confusing. That may be okay if you are young and small; at around age 5 you might lie. But when you get older you shouldn’t lie as much. Hopefully people will recognize that lying is not good and that it will lead you along the wrong path of life. LYING IS THE WRONG PATH!!

Be Tough: Don’t Accept Everything You Read Online

By Farhan Riaz

It is important to tell the truth because people will not trust you if you don’t and your friends will abandon you. People may lie and try to gain trust just for money.  Facts are important because on the internet people can post anything they want. They might say, “I hacked you,” and you know they did not because you have the most secure account. So, then you know the person is lying about hacking into the account.

Journalism is important because if you are on the internet and you see an article and it says that someone was great at math, science, geographic and literacy — that they’re great at everything — would you really believe that? I mean no one is good at everything, right?

You can’t accept everything you see on the internet. You need to think a lot. You need to think, “Are those facts real? Why do you think it is?” You have to think a lot and look at the facts and see if they are real or not.

Truth Matters — And Can Be Fact-Checked

By Charlie Pellegrino

Telling the truth is very important. If there was no truth, it would be chaos. This would create drama, annoyance, and be a misleading, very negative and ultra-superbad influence for children.  Journalism helps people know the truth. If people know the truth there will not be drama, annoyance, and be a misleading, very negative and ultra-superbad influence for children. If you don’t know whether the news you are reading is true or not, you can go to websites like, which can help you tell if it is fake or not. There are many tools on the internet that can help you figure out what can be trusted.

Truth is Good

By Jaden Martinez

Truth is good because it tells people what’s really going on. It helps people know what they should know. For example, true news can tell you who really won an election. Fake news, on the other hand, is bad because it spreads lies. I think fake news is bad. What do you think?